Please join the Ladies Auxiliary to prepare for this year’s Bake Sale.

To make the sale a success, we need as many volunteers as possible. No experience necessary, just come and help when you can!


Bake Sale Prep Schedule

Saturday September 22

After Liturgy Make Syrup, Lentil soup, Baklawa

Friday October 18th

9:00am Chop onions, Brown meat for kibbe, Prep for Saturday

Saturday October 19th

8:00am Kibbee, Meatballs, Grean Beans

Evening Packaging

Friday October 25th

8:00am Core and boil cabbage, Set up for Saturday

Saturday October 26th

9:00am Roll Cabbage and grape leaves

Friday November 8th

9:00am Squeeze spinach, Set up hall for Saturday

Saturday November 9th

8:00am Spinach and Meat Pies

Wednesday November 13th

TBT Make ashta, Hummus, Babaghanouj

Sunday November 17th

After Liturgy Set up hall for Bake Sale

Thursday December 5th

8:00am Clean parsley, Package sweets & baklawa

Friday December 6th

8:00am Bake bread, Zaatar, Cheese bread, Prep salad

Saturday December 7th

7:00am Bake Sale– Please sign up to work!!